Tondi Resto is a family restaurant, long known among the nearby communities for its warm service, cosiness and delicious food. People gather here to enjoy the everyday evenings, as well to celebrate important occasions with family and friends. One thing is certain – we take care of you just as well as we would take care of our most important and dearest ones. So you might even start to feel so homey that you don’t want to leave at all…

Grill and BBQ dishes take first and golden place in our menu. Chef Tõnis Neigla knows the world of barbecue like the back of his hand. Him and his kitchen team breathes in the rhythm of the meat and the heat! And they really know how to bring out the best from the ingredients using flames, heat and smoke. The result is juicy and melt-in-the-mouth food!
Despite what has just been said, we have not forgotten anyone, and both a lover of lighter dishes and a sweet tooth will find delicious meals to enjoy!

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